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For over 25 years Greg Norman Golf Course Design has worked around the world with our clients to design and build golf course projects that meet the highest standards of creativity, innovation, and sustainability. Greg Norman Golf Course Design and our team of design professionals take our direction and mission from Greg Norman himself. Greg's long standing ideals and beliefs shape our approach to each project.

Greg Norman on Golf Course Design

"Golf course design is one of my true passions in business and life. Each project presents me with the opportunity to work with a client to create a course with its own unique character. I believe that great golf course design projects emerge from great client relationships. Our clients want to work with the best design professionals in the world, and we want to collaborate with the best development teams.

For most clients, their project represents the only golf course construction they will ever undertake and they come to me with great trust and expectation. I take that trust and responsibility very personally and strive to deliver a world class golf experience that is expected from every Greg Norman Golf Course Design project. Because each design bears my name, I make it my mission to get involved with every step of the golf course design process, from walking the virgin site, to planning and construction, to opening day.

Since first establishing my design business more than 25 years ago, I have been fortunate to work on a myriad of different projects that now span across six continents. Be it the sensitive wetlands of Florida, desert-scapes of the Middle East or the extreme topography of Asia, my design team and I have worked in concert with the development team to create golf courses that blend with their surrounding environment and enhance the property's natural features. Each course is designed to be constructed efficiently and environmentally sound while providing both a playable and memorable experience for golfers of all levels.

I take seriously the legacy we create in designing and developing each golf course. It is this shared responsibility and process of building a relationship with the design client that gives me particular satisfaction in creating golf courses that withstand the test of time."

- Greg Norman